Portable Vaporizers for the Budget Conscious

Everyone cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on vaporizers that claim to give the best experience. For the budget conscious people out there, there are vaporizers under the $50 bracket that can vaporize both dried herbs and concentrated herb forms like oil/wax. Some brands have vaporizers that include a tank for e-liquid and it can also be used as an e-cigarette.

Of course, these products being at the basic level, one cannot expect a very fine heating element,some temperature gradient is to be expected. Definitely, they are not eye catchy and their outer shells are made from itsy-bitsy plastic content.

Mid-Range Portable Vaporizers

Some of the manufacturers have come up with different ideas and styles to set themselves apart from the crowd. They offer different colours, funnel like oil cartridges that makes loading oil or wax easy and non sticky. Some of their products come with celebrity endorsements too.

These mid range vaporizers cost anywhere between $50-100, some of them even fall under the high range category whilst offering space to store multiple cartridges for the e-juice. Most of their heating elements being conduction type often burns the substance and their effects are limited.

A popular mid-range vaporizer for vaping liquid nicotine is the innokin itaste vtr.

High-End Portable Vaporizers

Imagine getting yourself a dose of dry herb and wax/oil/e-liquid experience within the same session. Now, we all have read about the multi -purpose vaporizers, but never came across something that offers all these in a single session. Yes, money can buy. These high-end vaporizers can offer both conduction and convection heating on demand, temperature adjustment, quick rechargeable batteries, and faster heating period.

The release of the crafty vaporizer is the high end of the high end. This vaporizer will cost you about $400. It also incorporates the use of bluetooth technology to connect it to your smartphone. It has a ton of cool features check out the review of crafty vaporizer, and this review of the pax 2 vaporizer.

Usually costing more than $100, some of them look almost similar to an asthma inhaler and can be used discreetly in a crowded environment. Some of them offer the fastest vaporizer you can buy with heating time less than five seconds.




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How to Choose The Best Portable Vaporizer?

The first thing to do is,make a more informed choice on how you prefer to vape. If you require a vaporizer only while travelling then the choice is simple, go for a portable vaporizer. If you prefer vaporizing at home, then a desktop unit is what you should be opting for.

Although portable vaporizers work for both on-the-go and stay-at-home use, they don’t provide the functionality of their counterparts. Home use requires frequent re-fills and recharging, as they have smaller chambers and shorter battery lives.

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While portable units allow users only to inhale through the mouthpiece, desktop units are more versatile when it comes to the intake methods. They offer a variety of ways to inhale, which includes balloons, whips, and water cooled pipe extensions.

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of heating methods, Conduction and convection.

The biggest drawback of conduction type vaporizer is, they risk combusting the material instead of vaporizing as it is in contact with the heating element. Apart from this, they also cause uneven heating and require periodic shaking of the material.

Convection is considered as a superior method, because it doesn’t involve any direct contact between the material and the heating source. But, convection is more difficult and more expensive to achieve, which is why conduction heating is more common in portable vaporizers.

Power source and accessories are two other important factors to be considered when buying a vaporizer. Generally desktop units rely on wall adaptors whereas the portable ones thrive on battery packs. One shouldn’t judge the battery life before using them for a while. User reviews on various brandsare worth reading for making a better decision. Compare the price and the list of accessories and carefully check for any hidden costs before finalizing the product.